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Dan O'Gorman Training is New Jersey's premiere training company that specializes in Master Plumbing Training. Our goals are simple - to teach you what you need to know to pass the NJ Master Plumber's Exam! Contact me if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

Download the Master Plumber Prep Course Brochure for class registration information.

For Approved Continuing Education Course For the N.J. Licensed Master Plumber, download the 5 Hour NJ Plumbing License Renewal Brochure

Why you should choose Dan O'Gorman Training

Dan O'Gorman Training offers effective training in a comfortable, instructor-lead setting. Dan will work with you 100%. When you train with Dan O'Gorman, you recieve the following benefits:

  • All instructors are working professionals and leading authorities in the plumbing and construction industry.
  • Free telephone/e-mail assistance for plumbing code and barrier free code questions.
  • Dan will prepare you and teach you how to prepare yourself for taking a test.
  • Recognized as a continuing education provider throughout America.
  • Learn the most common code violations and fines.
  • All expenses of a continuing education course (including registration fees, travel, meals, and lodging) taken to maintain and improve professional skills are tax deductible subject to limitations set forth in the Internal Revenue Code.
  • If you need further assistance, we provide personal consultation at the end of class at no additional cost.


"I wholeheartedly recommend the Dan O'Gorman New Jersey Master Plumber's License Preparation Course. I was a licensed plumber from 1980 to 1999. I let it lapse thinking I would no longer need it. Circumstances changed, and when I went to renew it, the NJ Master Plumbers Board said I would need to re-take the test. Well, when I did re-take the tests, I passed 2 of the 3 tests required. Since I did not want to waste any more time, I signed up with Dan O'Gorman for his course. Dan is a field guy, not a pointy headed professor. He spoke my language, and came across with the information one needs to pass the Licensing Test. I not only passed the test I had failed, my score jumped 73 percentage points! Thank's again Dan!" -Marc

"Hello Dan, I have my results (drawing 100%, plumbing test 96%, law 88%) from prometric regarding my NJ master plumbers license. I can't thank you enough for your hard work and dedication towards helping my pass my master plumbers exam. I will definitely be referring you to any of my colleagues that intend to take this test." -Nick

Master Plumbers Test Prep Course

Objective: To Prepare you to Pass the Master Plumber Test

100 Question Master Plumber Trade Exam Class. Monday & Tuesday class times are 5pm-10pm. Saturday class time is 8am-4pm. Please download a Master Plumber Prep Course brochure for more information.

Dan will work with each student 100%

TOPICS COVERED Sessions 1, 2 & 5:
-Trade Related Math
-General Knowledge
-General Regulations
-Plumbing Fixtures
-Water Supply Systems
-Drainage, Waste and Sanitary Vents
-Indirect Waste
-Roof Drain Piping
-Specialty Plumbing
-Isometric Analysis
-Common Code Violations and Fines
-A sample 100 question test will be given along with other handouts.

TOPICS COVERED Session 3 - Practical (Drawing) Class:

You will be given sample drawings of a residential and small commercial building and asked to draw the drain (DWV), waste and vent piping for that system showing trap arms and distances, pipe sizing, code compliances, etc. Learn the simple riser drawing diagram method as one method required.

TOPICS COVERED Session 4 - Business and Law:

Business Organization Licensing Estimating and Bidding Contracts Project Management Risk Management Safety OSHA Labor Law Financial Management Tax Law Lien Law

Register and pay only $699 for all five sessions. If you only need to take the 100 question test, drawing or business/law, the cost is only $249. Confirmations and Directions will be mailed.

There are No Refunds.

Mandatory Master Plumber License Renewal

This five (5) hour seminar fulfills the New Jersey Board of Master Plumbers requirements for license renewal. It consists of instructional training of plumbing updates and of Board rules/regulations and laws that are applicable to Plumbing Contractors (i.e. enabling statutes, uniform enforcement act, consumer fraud act). 5 Hour NJ Plumbing License Renewal Brochure.

Topics Covered - Includes changes, updates and common code violations for:
2006 Plumbing Code
2006 International Mechanical Code
2006 International Fuel Gas Code
Barrier Free Code (ADA)
New Jersey Uniform Construction Code (UCC)
Construction Lien Law (Making sure you get paid)
New Home Improvement Registration
Change Orders (Extras)
Backflow prevention
OSHA regulations & safety

Fulfills State requirements to renew your license.
Instructor is professional and is the leading expert in the plumbing industry.
Recognized as a continuing education provider throughout America.
Attendees take home all handouts and informational materials.
Learn the most common code violations and fines.
Free telephone assistance for plumbing code and barrier free code question.

Register and pay only $125 for the course. Confirmation and Directions will be mailed.

There are No Refunds

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